The combination between reality and virtual reality while adopting new tenchnologies allows us to create new purchase journeys.

INTAG develops new digital TOUCH systems and solutions, creating a multichannel environment for a completely exclusive shopping experience.

Our solutions are both:




This digital solution is really fascinating and engaging, as it allows potential customers to take pictures or record a video, to be sent or shared while shopping. This means that shopping becomes an interactive experience. The DIGITAL MIRROR is composed of a 65"/85" FullHD Multitouch Monitor, NUC Intel i7; a Microsoft KINECT system to operate by remote control; a Full HD camera; a graphic code reader. The general structure is made of metal plus a touch screen.

Different colours are available to customise the Digital Mirror.




This digital solution can be located in any space, as it's main aim is to entertain. The KID'S CORNER TABLE is a 46” FullHD Multitouch Screen table, where you can install games for kids, digital cataloges, web pages, or optical readers to recognise products. The general structure is made of wood plus a touch screen, which means a better user experience, full protection against vandalism and it's also waterproof.

Different colours are available to customise the Kid's Corner Table.




This digital and touch solution allows users to look for what they want, through online navigation or digital catalogues. The MULTITOUCH MONITOR is made of a Full HD Touchscreen and a NUC Intel system. The graphic code reader allows a product to be recognised, so that the user can be redirected to a specific page with all product details.

The display is available in different sizes: from 27" to 85".

Different colours are available to customise the Multitouch Monitor.



All INTAG solutions are developed with i5 and i7 Intel processors, with low energy consumption and high performance.


Thanks to the integration with "INTAG APP", the shopping experience is taken to an higher lever: outside the retail store, establishing a direct channel with customers.



Our solutions aim to establish a multi multisensorial environment, where physical and digital experiences meet and allow customers to get in touch with the BRAND in a completely new way.


With INTAG, the future is here...